With all the house plans looking the same, how do you choose the best builder? ANSWER: Carefully!


Why Smart Property Investors?

Let’s be honest, we all know that when you go into the marketplace to search for a builder to build your new home, you have choice. Infact, let’s be brutally honest, you have tremendous choice.

There are so many builders that you could engage to build your new home…and..they are all vying for your business.

It is well know that some builders build great homes and some don’t. The problem you have is, how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones when, on the surface, all the builders look, feel and sound the same?

I know this quandary well….I hear it every day of my career from customer who are “searching for the right builder” not to mention I walked down this road myself years ago.

I’ve been building and buying homes for myself since I was in my early 20’s whilst I worked hard at an 11 year career in the W.A. Police Force. After Policing I decided to join the construction industry to help people successfully build new homes just as I had done over the years.

Along the way I discovered there are some great people that do my job of “selling new homes” and they were all about helping the client…..and there were many that didn’t have the customer as their number one priority….They were just in it for themselves. So…..I wrote “Bricks & Mortar” to deliver tremendous value and a wide variety of pertinent building information to people who are considering building a new home for themselves.

This book went on to be a best seller and to date over 5000 copies have been sold. If you don’t yet own a copy and you are thinking of building a new home, you really ought to click here and get yourself a copy & learn what you need to know before you build and before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I personally help many people build their new home(s) in the South West region of W.A. If you are looking to build in the greater Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough or Margaret River areas, contact me via this webpage and have me personally help you one on one. Your new build will be free of any headaches, budget blow-outs or “sales guy BS”. Just like all the people listed here you’ll be delighted with your new home should you choose to have me guide and serve you from start to finish.

Because I’ve had so many people contact me from many other towns and cities across Australia after the release of my book, wanting me to personally help them with their new home build(s), I have expanded my reach further and investigated in great detail the very best new home builders in each state of Australia. Builders that have the same moral compass as I do. Builders that are all about delivering for their clients.

If you know me, or if you have at least read my book, you will know my primary interest is in my clients receiving the very best customer service, the very best built home, accompanied with receiving great value for money and all delivered with absolute transparency. If you are considering building in any other part of Australia, please connect with me via my contact page and I’ll forward your details and build requirements to builders I have a personal relationship with across Australia that I know will give you first class service and a first class home. Trust me when I tell you that I have extensively investigated these builders and their offerings (did I mention that I was an investigator in the Police Force) so that I can confidently refer you to the very best builders so that YOU are the ultimate winner.

There is no point you walking blind in this competitive “dog eat dog” construction industry, when you could quiet easily have me direct you to the best two or three builders in your area who I know are going to have your interests first and foremost. Use the contact page to be directed straight to the top builders in your area. Who you chose to engage with thereafter will be your choice, but at least you will have peace of mind knowing that you are talking with the top builders. (NOTE: I said “top builders” ~ not to be confused with the builder in your area with the biggest marketing budget who simply advertises a lot!)

Complete your building enquiry form and I will connect you with the best builders in your area.